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I’ve placed a hold here on the blog. It is no longer linked to the pack website. Pack 324 is going through its second split in 5 years. We will maintain the blog here for a short time for historical purposes. Thanks for your understanding.

Pack Astronomy Outing

Posted August 28, 2009 by joepara
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So we just got back from a really neat outing at Camp Wadewitz.

Mr. Calhoun set up an Astronomy Night for us which was Fun and Educational

Tonight we all learned about telescopes and the Night Sky and then took a little hike out to the dark side of camp and did some star gazing.

We saw the moon and Saturn through the telescope. Found the Big Dipper and the North Star and got to watch a really cool thunderstorm roll in (we got out before it hit)

All the boys said they had fun and want to do this again and Mr. Calhoun said he will try to make it happen.

The best part of tonight will happen in September when all the boys who were out at Camp with us tonight get their Belt Loop and Pin because they did all the work tonight to earn it

Thanks Mr. Calhoun you rock

Joe Parajecki

Bears go Rock Climbing!

Posted February 18, 2009 by joepara
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Yesterday was our annual Bear Den outing. This year we went rock climbing at Adventure Rock in Brookfield.

What a fun time we had! All of the Bears that were there did a great job and I am proud of them. They all made it to the top of the wall just about everytime they climbed.

We even had a few dads and a Cubmaster Climbing wall too!

Special Thanks to Mrs. Obermeyer for setting this up for us this year!

Pack 324 Leaders Honored at District Dinner

Posted February 18, 2009 by joepara
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This year our Fox River Ditrict Dinner was held on February 5th at Cross Lutheran Church in Burlington.

We all had a great home cooked dinner featuring ham and roast beef. The Burlington High School Show Chior came and sang some songs for entertainment too.

The Highlight of the Evening is the District Awards and this Four Pack 324 Leaders were honored

Jeff Adams (Den Leader and Pack Scribe) was given the Lean on Me Award for always being there when we need him

Cyndy Nowacki (Committee Chair and Den Leader) was given the Silver Dollar Award for her Service to the youth of the Pack.

Dan Gross (Pack Trainer and Den Leader) was Given the Spark Plug Award for his service to the Pack, the District and the Council

And Joe Parajecki (Cubmaster) was Given the Distrit Award of Merit for his service to the Youth of the Pack, District and Council. The Award of Merit is the highest award the District can give a volunteer.


Next time you see these leaders Please tell them Thank You for what they have done to better Scouting.

Mike Rowe on becoming an Eagle

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Thanks to Joe for sending this out and bringing it to my attention.

Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs, was asked by a father to help encourage his son to continue in Scouting to become an Eagle. Mike, of course, is an Eagle Scout himself. In this blog post Mike makes his response – well crafted – that points out why many of us fail to reach out and grab the brass ring:

I’d like to add my own note here. All of the adults in our Pack have heard me talk about leadership on many occasions. It is perhaps one of the most important goals of the Scouting program. Mike talks a bit about this young man’s father, and how he might be disappointed. As parents, we want what is best for our children. We know being “cool” often isn’t. Especially when you have a few more decades to look back upon your life and the fingerprints you have left behind.

Young men do still look up to their parents. They do what you do. They will think like you think. OK, maybe not so much for a few teenage years, but they will again come around.

Set the expectation now for your sons that they will become the kind of leader that you are. Show them by example, and help them continue to make Scouting an important part of their lives. When they discover “fumes” – car fumes and perfumes, they will be more likely to follow through on something they believe in and understand is cool.

Here’s to my hope for you that your sons will grow to earn their Arrow of Light, and go on to Boy Scouts and become Eagles themselves.

Indian Summer

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Sometimes kids just need to be kids!

Today we enjoyed a great Indian Summer, with November temps in the low 70s! Rather than meeting inside at the library where we normally do, we had the boys meet at the former Boy Scout camp KaHaGon, now Racine County Park Wadewitz. This was a great night for boys to be boys!

After some sharing, we played Kick the Can and Ghost in the Graveyard! We opened our meeting with a great lighting of a campfire, that helped keep some of the parents extra toasty after dark. While the campfire burned, the kids played around the building until the coals were “just right.”

We finished up with toasted marshmallows and s’ mores before our denner closed the meeting with an impromptu prayer. Let’s face it – this IS what every kid loves to do in Cub Scouts! And tonight, we got to do it! 6 VERY happy boys, and a couple of VERY happy leaders!

Jamboree of the Internet

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On the third weekend of October each year, Scouts from all around the globe get together for the Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet. It’s rather “old school.” JOTA connects Scouts via HAM Radio, while JOTI connects Scouts over the Internet. Using the same Internet Relay Chat infrastructure we used 20 years ago (before the “world wide web!”) we connect to a series of private servers called Scoutlink.

I tried JOTI last year – didn’t get too far into it. One of the issues with IRC is that when it is busy, it is REALLY hard to follow a conversation in a busy chat room. But this year I gave it a bit more of a try. It seems like the best things in life always take a couple of tries until you get it right.

One of the cool things JOTI has developed is a system of validation cards. Ham radio operators have used these for years. After you make contact, you fill out a card to say that you made a new friend. Thanks to the Internet, these cards don’t have to be mailed anymore. They can be sent almost instantly as printable postcards.

Using IRC, once you make contact with a new station/Scout group elsewhere in the world, you can then log on to the website and send a validation card. I probably only sent validation cards to about ¼ of the folks that I met this weekend. And I probably sent close to twice as many validation cards as I received. But that still came out to having received contacts from over 40 new Scout groups around the world!

My 8 year old and I met lots of new people. Many were from the UK, quite a few from Australia. All over Europe and Asia, a contact from South America ~ but we never got a validation card from anyone in Africa. Maybe next year?

Our afternoon project tonight was to print out all of our cards, pin them to a board, and tie them to a map. It was fun, and is a really cool way to remember JOTI.

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JOTI Contact Board

JOTI Contact Board


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